Friday, August 28, 2015

week 6. Art plan.

I am leaning about this because it was one of our learning task.
I chose this because I was prayed of it. I was so happy that I have finished it,
I got to go out for a game. It was the best

 I am doing spongebob for my art plan. This is the steps and  the egydints                                               

  • Yellow pencil
  • blue pencil
  • black pencil
  • red pencil
  • gray pencil
  • A3 paper
  • brown pencil

  1. Your black pencil and Draw a scribble spare and caler it yellow
  2. Draw  spongebob eyes with your black pencil.
  3. Now you will draw the small circle  in the middle of his big eye, now caller it buly.
  4. Now collect you gray pencil and make the nose, you can chose the tip of nose.
  5. Draw the red cheeks draw  a half circle then draw 3 dots same with the other side.
  6. Now draw the big sil to  to bof of the red cheeks.
  7. Draw the white teeth about 1 cm away from them.
  8. Now draw the little scribble under his teef .
  9. Now draw the gray spots. Draw two of them up on the top, one on the top right, two bof. side of the bottom.
  10. Now draw the sleeves with you black pencil on bof sid.
  11. Draw the yellow ams on bof on sid.
  12. Now draw his  pans with your black pencil.
  13. Now draw his tiy the red pencil and the color.
  14. Now draw his brown pants  with a belt around It and a brown bit hanging down from it.
  15. Now draw his legs with black  and yellow.
  16. Now draw his socks, you can make any type of socks you wont.
  17. Now draw his  black shoes, caler it black.


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