Monday, July 31, 2017

week 8: procrastination gaming vids

Here is a  some videos of procrastination gaming  Oscar  E is  the founder and we share it and Aston gamer and zanetalergee
We upload weekly some times so make shore to subscribe and like
thanks p/g


week 4: Witting chapter book

This is my writing For week 2 and 3

 I am blogging this because I loved writing it. It was one of my fav writing  

week 8: minecraft mods.

Minecraft is my furtive thing in the hole Ipad hestery.                        And to day I'm getting the shapeshifter mod on Ipad I am so exsitde for it.  

I will be sowing a revue of it and It will be on my YouTube Chanel the name of my Chanel is 99oscarj

week 6: My favorite things


Boats are my favourite thing out of every thing I love going on them and driving them. Me and my dad love them we have one of are own.


This is an Ipad like mine. I play loads of game on ,like minecraft gangsta veges, hacked Pokemon go,YouTube, robox and a hep more games.

RC stuff

I love RC stuff I even have my own RC boat, car,drone and helicopter They are the best  but some times the aren't the best 
My car dose not woke now.

Lego boats

Lego boats are my second favourite thing in the world I have not got this one  the  way out of my money price. I make them and my dad takes a photo and puts the on Facebook.



 Seagways are my three favourite thing I went on one  at my dad friends house and I sore them and said can I go on one of them and the said YES and Was so happy.


Minecraft is my favourite thing and I do it on my Xbox and iPad I am Better on the Ipad Because I only got my Xbox on 4/7/15. When I was tinning 9.


 I play rugby on 2015 and 2016 I loved it and coach was Adrian The people the where in my school Is Mitchell, Toby, max and me.

TV shows

I know every Chanel on tv and every Chanel I think and we have my sky. My favourite show is gamer Gide to pretty mach every think.

You Tube

YOU TUBE I watch it every weekend and I am mostly on it all time And here are some videos on my youtube Chanel 


                                                        If you what to see more go to                                                             my YouTube Chanel and Here

                                                        see the Apocalypse go here

week 7 : first time driving a motor bike and four wheeler

First time driving a motor bike

saturday 31/915/

Colen my friends dad came to my house to pick up something. He ask it I could go to a cafe with my friend Michele with his sister and brother. I got a banana smoothie and some chips. Michele got a brownie after that we went to Michele house and got out the motor bike and the four wheeler Michelle went on the  the motor bike and hunter Michele brother went on the four wheeler I had to wait until they were done I went on the motor bike first and I went to a little grass coldersack and there was a  dark moten I drove up it and  I got my back wheel stake Colen had to come and get me out. the motor bike went SO!!! fast that I crashed into A lot of boshes


ROBOTICS is a group where you build robots  and program them to do what you say. 

Last week we programmed them to go forward (just for starters). Every week, that is what I look forward to, but this week I not going to do it because we are going to Mt Ruapehu (here is a photo of it).

here is a shrot video

Week 5 : Waikaremoana

 This is my Waikaremoana art video and photo. I enjoyed it because we did some art.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

week 9: MY YouTube chanel.

This Is all of my YouTube videos there is 13 videos and I have 7 subscribers so go on YouTube  and smack the subscriber button my YouTube Chanel is 99Oscarj or just watch the videos Thanks enjoy



This is Oscar Jackson boat company They sell boats like the top boat This company is coming out in 2032. This Boat company will be my dream I can't what in till I,m 25 ( I,m 10 years old now)