Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tv 3

:Being on Tv 3:

On tv 3 I had to what for the studio to say "yep go". Half a hour later. The said yep go, I was so happy that they were ready to shoot. But  it was not being shot right now it was a another half a hour, I was not happy. Now they were finally ready to shot the video. Well they're coming round the corner and talking to my mum and  then they went past us and on to anther lot of people. Here is a video. It was the most best thing I've ever been through.


  1. Good job love all of the details good for you to go on tv 3 it must of been exiting keep up the good work :) love it

  2. Wow Oscar that must of been really Exiting to be on Tv3

  3. Wow Oscar J that would be such an amazing experience to go through nice work.