Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 4: PE

This is me throwing a ball. It was so fun doing run-jump-throw. I have only done run and jump. We are doing a rotation where we do a new type of P.E each time to get ready for Athletics day coming up. I really want to do the throw. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog post and have a happy life. See you next time!


Week 3 : Literacy

This is my literacy task and I love it because I love reading things and solving things. I learnt the cloze strategies for solving these missing words. It is fun solving things. I love reading. In this task you had to fill out the empty gaps on the sheet of paper.

Week 3: Arts blog post

This is my amazing art.

 I was in the digital art and it is sooooo amazing. It was the best art for me.

 The world's best art!

 I learnt a lot of things in the time we spent learning about how to make this. It was fun!

Week 3: Stage 6

This is my maths task that we had this week. It was challenging and  I love challenging things. This has been the best Maths task ever in my life. I hope we can do it again.