Wednesday, May 27, 2015

week 5 haunted house

In  a house there was a boy who lived with a rat. They lived in an abandoned   house together .

 They were  quiet happy in there abandoned house. 

The rat was a fantastic ghost. Pretty much the rat was their slave. 

You  are probably wondering why he was their slave, but as it turns out it was a robot slave and was very strong and guarded the house from the police. 

The mum and dad died from oldness and were in a grave. The boy was 18 and could look after himself and the rat and then the robot rat had babies and they lived happily ever after. 

the  end   

Week 4 Reading

This is my reading task and I did it with my mum. It was fun. It was fun because I got to ask the questions for once. 
Sometimes mum would know the answers, but other times I had to help her. 

The book we read was "Good Morning". We used the dice and I asked mum all the questions on the sheet that Miss Plimmer gave me.  

We did it in front of the fire. Mum  was  playing on her phone and doing home work. 

She told  dad that we are doing home work and mum told dad off.  

Sorry that the picture is like this, I took the photo in landscape instead of portrait.        


Friday, May 8, 2015

week 3 - james and the Giant peach

I am blogging this because I like Roald Dahl.
We were learning to make connections
James and
the Giant Peach

The following task is for you to think deeply about. Think about the connections you have made to the story of James and the Giant Peach. It may be the life James had when he lived with his Aunts, or maybe how brave he was when they set off sail on the peach.

I made a connection from the story to myself when… I went on a plane when I was younger and it was so much fun. I was a lot younger.

This story reminds me of something I have seen/read/heard before when…I have a plane book and it reminds me of this book. I would like to go for a ride in a peach.

Choose one of these sentences to write - you’re either like James or you’re not

  1. I think that I am like James because…I get bossed around by Olivia my sister

  1. I think that I am not like James because… I live in a house and my name is Oscar.

Extra for experts
See if you can make a connection to the world in relation to the adventures James and his friends go on :)                      my dad's brother has been on lots of planes

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

basketball Reflection

Basketball Reflection

Write down five things to think about when you bounce a basketball.
  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. hands flat up and down
  3. hands and fingers apart
  4. it is only allowed to up to your hips not any further
  5. about moving

What are the main four parts of basketball?
  1. Passing
  2. shooting
  3. bouncing
  4. winning

How can you protect the ball from a defender?
keep your back from there face

What was challenging for you?
shooting the  ball into the hop

What was your favourite part?

What would you have liked to have learned more of?
I have learnt  everything that I want to learn

What is something you learned?
how to keep the enemy from stealing the ball from me.

Friday, May 1, 2015

week 2 Anzac task

Hi name is Oscar and have been working on  my ANZAC task Week One and Two. It took me 4 or 5 days to do. If you want to do it you have to do your own one. Read down below. :)
ANZAC Task Week One and Two
Compulsory Task 1 - 7

Task One: When was World War I?
1914 july 28

Task Two: Name 10 countries that participated in World War I
Task Three: When was World War II?
1939 july. 7

Task Four: Name 10 countries that participated in World War II

Task Five: ANZAC is an acronym - what does it stand for?
australian and new zealand army corps.

Task Six: Name three other acronyms and what they stand for
1.anzac - australia new zealand army corps - Laugh out loud
3.bnz - Bank of New Zealand

Task Seven: Use this quiz site to answer the following questions

Where is Gallipoli?

When did the first ANZACs land at ANZAC cove?
4.28am on sunday 25 april 19 15

Where did nurses serve in World War I?
vladivostok ,Burma,india, persian gulf,egypt,greece, italy,france and england

Task 9: Listen to the audio of “The Last Post” Click here Write down how it makes you feel. This should be a mini paragraph.
it makes me feel OK because I don t now eney one that got kill

Task 10: Watch the video on how to make ANZAC biscuits. Turn the sound off on your computer and Click here. Record how to make them - use your eyes to watch and NOT your ears to listen.          

  1. We need one bowl of oatmeal   
  2. One small bowl of plain flour
  3. One small bowl of sugar
  4. Icing sugar
  5. Then you stir it for 5 or 6 minutes
  6. Half a cup of sugar
  7. Stir for 5 or 6 minutes
  8. Then get another new  bowl and put big chunks of butter
  9. Two cup maple syrup
  10. Baking powder
  11. Baking soda
  12. Stir it for 4 or 5 minutes
  13. Four little cups of hot water
  14. Then stir for 3 or 4 minutes
  15. Then stir your butter for 4 or 5 minutes
  16. Then pour in cold water
  17. Then  pour in the butter
  18. Then sir it untill it looks like oatmeal
  19. Then put small bits of your baking and push down not too hard.
The end