Sunday, October 1, 2017

minecraft modern house

This is my house that I built in the weekends and in the week all together I have spent 64 hours on this (I think). I am really proud of it. The thing that I had to really think about was the pool and the man cave. I first had the worlds best pool but then I forgot to save it. I got really annoyed with it then I made a pool with a self closing and self opening pool cover but that did not mach the house so I made a home made pool and here are some pictures.

The front of the house.

The garage.

The back yard.

The backside of the house.
The dining table.

The kichen.

The lounge.

The stairs.
The master bed room.

The study.

The view.

The pool house.

Mum does not really let me go on the xbox that much but she knew that it was really important to me so she let me go on it longer that normal.

My favorite thing in the house was the pool because it gave me a challenge to think and make. Once I knew what I was going to make it became easier to make because it was clear in my head.