Friday, August 28, 2015

Peter Jackson task 2. Week 6

I am blogging this because it was the best task I have ever done in my life.

We are learning about Peter Jackson. He is a director. Peter Jackson has made Lord of the Rings, Bad Taste, The Hobbit, King Kong, The Lovely Bones and The Adventure of .

Extra Research for My Report On Peter Jackson
Websites / Books
(put link)     (title / author)
Questions (What I want to find out)

How many oscars has PJ won ?
who vedoes hem ?
when was he born ?
how did he became sir peter jackson ?
what is mother's name ?
what is peter jackson first move?
Does he  any kid's ?
Peter jackson has won 11 Oscar awards
Peter jackson’s witf videos him
Jackson was born on halloween 31 october 1961.
He became sir peter jackson by the Queen
His mum name is Joan Ruck.
His first movie is the bad taste
He has a Daughter and  a son named bill and


week 6. Art plan.

I am leaning about this because it was one of our learning task.
I chose this because I was prayed of it. I was so happy that I have finished it,
I got to go out for a game. It was the best

 I am doing spongebob for my art plan. This is the steps and  the egydints                                               

  • Yellow pencil
  • blue pencil
  • black pencil
  • red pencil
  • gray pencil
  • A3 paper
  • brown pencil

  1. Your black pencil and Draw a scribble spare and caler it yellow
  2. Draw  spongebob eyes with your black pencil.
  3. Now you will draw the small circle  in the middle of his big eye, now caller it buly.
  4. Now collect you gray pencil and make the nose, you can chose the tip of nose.
  5. Draw the red cheeks draw  a half circle then draw 3 dots same with the other side.
  6. Now draw the big sil to  to bof of the red cheeks.
  7. Draw the white teeth about 1 cm away from them.
  8. Now draw the little scribble under his teef .
  9. Now draw the gray spots. Draw two of them up on the top, one on the top right, two bof. side of the bottom.
  10. Now draw the sleeves with you black pencil on bof sid.
  11. Draw the yellow ams on bof on sid.
  12. Now draw his  pans with your black pencil.
  13. Now draw his tiy the red pencil and the color.
  14. Now draw his brown pants  with a belt around It and a brown bit hanging down from it.
  15. Now draw his legs with black  and yellow.
  16. Now draw his socks, you can make any type of socks you wont.
  17. Now draw his  black shoes, caler it black.


week 5: Xbox games

I play Midnight Club Los Angeles. In the game you race but some time I don't race I drive around going crazy. You can or so get caught by the police. 

Most of the time  I get caught all the time. In the game you can drive forebodings 
My car is old rusty car. You can ene money by raceing, I have $3299
My cousins come over and they laved it there names are zach  and jay Jackson

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 2 - Jamie Curry Video

The other day me and George did an  iMovie about  Jamie Curry. 

I planned this by writing about it in my literacy book and then copying it onto a Google Doc. But having the characters names at the front of the sentences, that means that there talking.

I did this on the 11th of August 2015. I enjoyed making the video because I saw Isaiah doing it and it looked fun and I REALLY wanted to do it.

It was really funny when people in my class came in the way when we were videoing and we had to start again.

I was really proud of the finished video and if you click on the link below you can see it for yourself.  

my video

week 3: art description

Me, Isaiah and Ngakete did this. It is representing music.

Mrs Love told us that you had to have a planner and a white piece of paper. You had to show the teacher the planner before you got the white piece of paper.

 It is important to get it right because you can't rub off any mistakes. This representation of music is going to be displayed on the class wall with other peoples art so it is important. 

You can see this art work in room 21b. 

Working with Isaiah and Ngakete was hard, as we all were a bit shy. Ngakete is new to school and we were quiet, but Ngakete was rapping some of the time. That was funny! 

I enjoyed doing the yellow stuff as I haven't done music stuff before and I did it pretty good and I think Isaiah was impressed with me. I was impressed with his work and Ngakete's work. We made a good team.