Tuesday, August 11, 2015

week 3: art description

Me, Isaiah and Ngakete did this. It is representing music.

Mrs Love told us that you had to have a planner and a white piece of paper. You had to show the teacher the planner before you got the white piece of paper.

 It is important to get it right because you can't rub off any mistakes. This representation of music is going to be displayed on the class wall with other peoples art so it is important. 

You can see this art work in room 21b. 

Working with Isaiah and Ngakete was hard, as we all were a bit shy. Ngakete is new to school and we were quiet, but Ngakete was rapping some of the time. That was funny! 

I enjoyed doing the yellow stuff as I haven't done music stuff before and I did it pretty good and I think Isaiah was impressed with me. I was impressed with his work and Ngakete's work. We made a good team. 


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