Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 4. MInecraft: steve's adventure.

I am blogging this because I loved doing it at home with mum the most thing that I liked was getting the pictures.
walt( that stands for we are lenning to) retell a story and mine is about minecraft:steve adventure.

MY STORY: Minecraft : Steve's adventure


Steve was doing his homework.  Within minutes he was dreaming. His dream was about him having Diamonds, redstone and other  good valuables.

Suddenly Steve heard  some Fireworks, but it was not,  it was a bomb.

Steve woke up from his dream, then Steve went underground  (that’s what he likes to call his basement) to find his toy jet so he can fly it, but that was not the time. He had to go and get some valuables.

So he went and found a boat, he found a driver “ arrrrr me haty what do you want” Priate Larry said “mmmmm oh yeah can you drive me the looted island PLEASE?” Steve said.

“Oh ore rite here we go (we we wo we wo)” Priate Larry said.  “We are not going that fast” Steve said “I no, I just like doing that” Priate Larry said

“Land  ho” Priate Larry said “ok how do I get off? “ Steve said “arrrrrrr” Steve yelled As Pirate Larry pushed him off the front of the boat.

“Hehehe” Priate Larry said.

Steve set off for his adventure to find diamonds, redstone and other good valuables. “Hay this looks like the photo that dad showed me.

I should go in it, because dad said it is the way to get the valuables” Steve said.
Steve went mining, he found a room filled with blood and bones. Then he heard burning pieces of wood “holy gloka moley” Steve said…

“There is a Ender Dragon.

That explains the the fire burning that pieces of wood. I can go under it.”

So  Steve went under it.

”Yes I found it!!” Steve said  “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” the Ender Dragon growled at Steve.

Steve got his sword out and killed it.

Steve and his family lived happily ever after.

The End


  1. WOW! Oscar that was an amazing story about minecraft steves adventure! LOL From Faith : )

  2. Oscar these is a really awesome story good job

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  5. good job Oscar It is easy to see you love minecraft.

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