Monday, November 2, 2015

week 2 .literacy.


I am blogging this because I love doing speech's.

We are learning to write a speech.

I was quite happy that I did not have to read my speech to the other people that choose speech. That made me happy because I am shy.

I only had to read my speech to Miss Plimmer.

I enjoyed Hunters speech because it was funny [when Miss Plimmer was getting ready for Hunter's speech he was like a weather reporter, he was very funny and that made me happy].

My Speech:

Topic :People should not fish
My Goal :Show examples of single, compound and complex sentences.

Knock Knock “who's there?”
Fishing rod
“Fishing rod who?”
Fishing rods should be banned because you should be able to swim with the fish, you could feed them and it it cruel seeing them die. Sit back and enjoy my speech.
Everyone should not fish because if you have no one to play with the fish will come and play with you. Some say that if you don't fish they will get more tame and you can swim with them. Millions and Millions of fish will love to play with you. It is so fun and exciting and get to know fish. Do you know how they will get more smart to keep Away from the fish hooks
Another Reason why people should not fish is because you can feed them at the National trout centre.
People should come to the national trout centre to feed them because they're so cool seeing them eat they eat the fish food in  1 Second.  Everybody knows that You can feed them at the national trout centre it is really funny seeing them jump up in the ere. It is like a Motor when you Chuck the food in the water they Fight  to get the food I love it.

Another reason why people Should  not fish is that it is cruel seeing the fish get smacked on the head by the fish smacker. They start blending  and blood splatters out of the gills and onto your face. The people  that do that are murders. If the fish were having a fun time with their family, their family would be pouring out with tears because one of their children is being smacked really hard. I have proven to you people Should not fish.

You should now believe me that people should not fish. I have proven to you that you can  swim with them, you can feed them and it is really cruel seeing them die. Here is an interesting fact the largest gar ever known, caught in Louisiana in 1925, was 3 m long and weighed 137 kg.

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