Monday, July 31, 2017

week 6: My favorite things


Boats are my favourite thing out of every thing I love going on them and driving them. Me and my dad love them we have one of are own.


This is an Ipad like mine. I play loads of game on ,like minecraft gangsta veges, hacked Pokemon go,YouTube, robox and a hep more games.

RC stuff

I love RC stuff I even have my own RC boat, car,drone and helicopter They are the best  but some times the aren't the best 
My car dose not woke now.

Lego boats

Lego boats are my second favourite thing in the world I have not got this one  the  way out of my money price. I make them and my dad takes a photo and puts the on Facebook.



 Seagways are my three favourite thing I went on one  at my dad friends house and I sore them and said can I go on one of them and the said YES and Was so happy.


Minecraft is my favourite thing and I do it on my Xbox and iPad I am Better on the Ipad Because I only got my Xbox on 4/7/15. When I was tinning 9.


 I play rugby on 2015 and 2016 I loved it and coach was Adrian The people the where in my school Is Mitchell, Toby, max and me.

TV shows

I know every Chanel on tv and every Chanel I think and we have my sky. My favourite show is gamer Gide to pretty mach every think.

You Tube

YOU TUBE I watch it every weekend and I am mostly on it all time And here are some videos on my youtube Chanel 


                                                        If you what to see more go to                                                             my YouTube Chanel and Here

                                                        see the Apocalypse go here

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