Tuesday, May 23, 2017

week 8: all the types of boats

All of the boats

This boat is a Rivera 3500 it is one of my favourite boats.

This boat is a explorer 1500. If you want a house boat this is the one.

This boat is a house boat made out of mettle and its house on a boat.

This is a haines hunter SS600.

This is a genesis 6600.  It is a good away from home boat.

This is a rayglass 2500. This a luxury boat.

This is a Tristan 2000 It a home away boat.

This is a bayliner 2500 a good boat for over week trips.

This is a mustang 43 sport this is a boat for showing off.

This is a offshore power boat and the name of it is FAIRVIEW good for wining racing.

This is a anther offshore power boat and the name of it is RED 
STEEL good for racing.

This is Oliver 4300 good for catching marlin.

This is a sealegs amphibious stabicraf,  it can handle any conditions.

This is a maritimo 58 this boat is good for months trips.

Sedan Brideg boat,  good for a boat party.

Convertible fishing boat for big fish catching.

Power catamaran good for wave smashing.

Hot tub boat good when your cold.

Ski and Wakeboard Boat, good for  wake boarding.

Fish and ski boat, good for fishing and skiing.

Logan yacht good slow races 

elite this is good for travailing around the world

Pacific jemm anther good party boat

sea ray good for races and winning

young videx good for lakes

Grady wight good for power and catching massage fish

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