Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 1: Holidays, Wellington


 I am in a Jaguar. The person that was driving it was the person son. We went about 100m in it. In there driveway Jason (Jason is the person son the is staying  with us) went as fast us it could go. I loved it.

Here are some videos of me in Wellington.

Here is a cool forward flip
cool video

Here is a funny of me at skate and tramp park in wellington

This is Olivia ( Olivia is my sister) and me in the hummer. It has a flat screen and a PlayStation in it. You can't see the PlayStation because it is in front of the seat. The shiny thing in the boot is a speaker.


  1. look like you had a fun holaday keep it up

  2. amazing osar looks like a lot of fun keep up the blog post