Thursday, May 26, 2016

week 2: Wiggly teeth

I am blogging this because I did it with my mum and I love speeding time with her :-)

We are learning to do a tall tail. It was so fun.

Wiggly teeth

One day I had some wiggling teeth  I thought that it was great  but 3 months later I knew that it was not great they were as wiggling as an earthquake.

My teeth had so much pain in them, we had to get some numbing cream to make it feel better.

At Taupo we were toasting marshmallows,  I put two marshmallows in my mouth, but I pulled them out  because they were hurting my  teeth.

The tooth dropped to the floor and then it ripped open a black hole. I went through it faster than the speed of a blink. The black hole sent me to a different dimension.

When I got there  I said ” wow my tooth is gone and where am I ?”

“There it was - my tooth” I said.

Then I started singing a song “  oh my tooth, oh my tooth, oh my wonderfull tooth,  how I missed you. Yuck you're all covered in blood, now I hate you” I said.

Later that day I was eating a apple and my other tooth came out and it ripped open another black hole I put my head through it and it was the way back and after that I had a happy life.

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  1. I love spending time with you too buddy. It was very exciting to see this come up as a blog post after we worked on it this morning. You did such a great job. Love you. xxxx